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A New Dawn

After five years of reduced facilities in respect of business and personal funding, new avenues are opening up, allowing us to offer new opportunities to clients. We are a financial services hub, where all of your requirements can be accommodated. Within financial services, some facilities are regulated and some remain unregulated. In respect of regulated facilities we work with authorised partners, expert in those fields. On those occasions there are no additional costs to clients. In many cases we use our own expertise to advise on and implement solutions. These include:


New Commercial Lenders                       

Traditional high street lenders have failed the market but we are now seeing new banks coming on stream, unhindered by the negative philosophy and actions of their predecessors. This month alone there are 20 new applications for banking licences, as opposed to 3 a year ago. These new lenders will bring a fresh approach to lending and as  a representative of these new banks we are in a position to bring these advantages to you.

Peer to Peer Lending                                  

This is destined to revolutionise the commercial finance scene linking, as it does, investors with businesses wishing to borrow. By linking the need for investors to seek a reasonable return with the needs of business, this market brings advantages to both investor and borrower. Facilitating organisations invite borrowing requests from well established businesses, offers investors the opportunity to invest small or large amounts of money at attractive rates of interest. These rates of interest however still offer the borrower a competitive and flexible loan. The rate of interest is determined by the strength of the proposal but an average rate is likely to be in the region of 7-8%. These loans are normally unsecured up to £150,000, requiring only a personal guarantee. In England and Wales larger loans can be accommodated on a secured basis. Currently these facilities are restricted to Limited Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships. In October 2013 these facilities will be extended to sole proprietors and partnerships.

Mortgage Facilities                                   

Facilities for both purchase and remortgage, up to 95%, are now available, both on fixed and variable rates. 100% is available with additional security. Affordability requirements remain stringent but different lenders interpret these requirements differently and we are able to identify the most beneficial lender for your requirements. We work in conjunction with specialist, authorised advisors, with wide experience in these fields and who's experience can identify the most appropriate and beneficial mortgage. If you have unusual circumstances we can often accommodate these, so please give us a ring.

Buy to Let                                                 

Mortgage facilities up to 85% are available at competitive rates, on interest only if required and with the rental payments only having to cover 120% of the monthly interest. With interest rates at their present low level this provides and opportunity for clients seeking longer term property investment.

Equity Release                                                

These opportunities are provided for clients over the age of 55 wishing to release capital from their domestic property. This can provide funds with the need for interest or capital repayments, with the loan being repaid when the property is no longer required. To enable us to provide a quote of the funds available to you, we just require the dates of birth of you and your partner, along with an assessment of the current value of the property.

Plant and Machinery                                  

We are able to arrange funding for the purchase of plant and machinery up to 100% of the cost, plus VAT (120%). We can also arrange the release of capital from existing plant and machinery. Ask us for a quote.

Unsecured Loans                                       

A new type of personal loan has now become available to good borrowers, using the peer-to-peer funding model. This means that first class borrowers can access unsecured facilities at sub 7% rates, making this form of borrowing very much more competitive than previously. Loans of up to £7,500 can be arranged on terms up to 5 years. These loans have the additional advantage that they can be repaid at any time without penalty.

Secured Loans                                           

These loans provide an opportunity to release further equity from your property without disturbing the first charge mortgage, which may be on very beneficial terms or would trigger a redemption penalty if repaid early. These loans can take total borrowing up to 85% over periods up to 25 years. Arrangement can be fast and the underwriting more flexible than a first charge mortgage. Once again ask us for a quote if you require a fast, competitive loan, secured against your house.

Loans against Investment Portfolio        

If you require to borrow against your portfolio as you do not wish to sell shares, for tax or other reasons, we can arrange a loan for up to five years, on competitive terms. We need details of the portfolio, no credit checking or affordability tests. Ask us for a quote.

Banking Advocate Service                           

If you have been abused by your bank and are seeking an apology or compensation, or both, please speak to us. We are conversant with the legislative requirements imposed on banks, as well as the codes of conduct to which they have to comply. Use these to reverse these abuses. Discuss your grievances with us and we will asses the options you have to obtain redress.

Adverse Credit Problems                           

The recession has made victims of us all and this can result in a stain on our credit record. We cannot reverse these adverse marks but we do have lenders who are prepared to take a realistic attitude and offer reasonable terms. These loans will then gradually restore your creditworthiness. There are no other options to this course of action, in spite of what others may say.

Debt Management                                        

The same recession can have left us with unsustainable debts and the debt management service negotiates a long term solution to these debts and allows you to move forward with your life.

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